Friday, 1 June 2012

[Disney] Decisions, Decisions

I know this is a good dilemma to have, so I'm definitely not complaining... But I still need a decision!

I guess it's no secret that I REALLY enjoyed our first Disney cruise: 4 nights on board the Disney Dream. We had cruised four times prior to this one, but none were on DCL. There was something about a cruise combined with the Disney atmosphere reminiscent of that found in Walt Disney World that made this cruise incredibly magical for me!

So, we are currently booked on the same 4 night Bahamian cruise in September. This is the vacation week we were supposed to spend in WDW, but have now made it into a land and sea-type idea. Because we booked it in May onboard the Dream, though, staterooms were limited, and we were booked into an expensive verandah cabin. Whatever.

Now, because I'm obsessed with Disney travel planning, I'm always trying to think of new ideas and find ways of getting good deals. Well, it turns out that if we book a 7 night Caribbean cruise onboard the Fantasy (Disney's newest ship!!), stay in an ocean view stateroom (no balcony), pay for part of it with the DVC points we were going to use on the "land" portion of our vacation, we could actually save some money. This is, in part, due to the fact that we will no longer have to pay for our meals while in WDW.

Well, I'm all ready to switch my reservation because I'm dying now to try a 7 night Disney cruise! My husband, though, is resisting. He really doesn't want to give up those days in WDW. I see it as Disney is Disney, and I get that same warm and fuzzy feeling whether I'm on a Disney cruise or in Disney World.... But he still really wants the WDW aspect!

Truth be told, when I really want something, I can usually work my magic to eventually convince him, but will it work this time? And in time before all the inside ocean view cabins sell out?! Oh, and I should mention that we are also already booked on the 4 night Bahamian in May again.

Any advice?

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