Friday, 25 May 2012

Happy Anniversary Goofy!

It's May 25, 2012. 80 years ago today, a yet-to-be-named Goofy made his debut in the animated short, Mickey's Revue. In honour of Goofy's anniversary, and the fact that he's my daughter, Claire's favourite pal, I decided to blog about my favourite Goofy encounters.

One of my daughter's favourite Goofys is Pirate Goofy, located outside of the Pirates of The Caribbean attraction in Walt Disney World. I think she really enjoys his elaborate pirate costume, and his overall "goofy-ness". On our most recent trip, he made a big fuss about her Goofy doll and gave her a huge bear hug!

We had another great Goofy experience at Chef Mickey's this trip. Claire always gets a kick out of the spilled ketchup and mustard on his chef's smock. What really stood out to me that night, though, was that Goofy kicked my husband out of his chair so that he could have a seat beside both my daughter AND son for a picture. Most characters at character dinners usually make a bigger fuss over Claire because she is more excited and Max is usually more shy, and Max sits in a high chair so he is immobile. Goofy, however, took the initiative to include Max in the encounter, and that meant a lot to me.

Another fun Goofy, that we, unfortunately, missed on this trip was Epcot Goofy at the Character Spot. He loves to do "goofy" poses with Claire!

Finally, we had a really special Goofy experience in Castaway Cay this trip, while on our first Disney cruise. While it was a brief encounter, posing for a photo, it was a novel experience posing with Goofy in his swim suit in The Bahamas!!

Happy Anniversary, Goofy! Thanks for the laughs!

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