Sunday, 20 May 2012

The end of a Disney vacation

It is the last day of our 10-day vacation. My daughter notices my sadness and when I tell her why, she reminds me, "mommy, we'll come back". Isn't it funny? My three year-old has more perspective than me.
She's right. As long as God wills it, we will be back, and in less than four short months. I have to admit, the planning of my Disney vacations is almost as fun as the trip itself! This prospect, along with the fact that our wait will take place during the summer months makes it all the more bearable! Swimming at our trailer every weekend is surely the best way to pass the time!
What will also make my wait more enjoyable is the fact that, again, this upcoming trip will not only be a Walt Disney World vacation, but also one which includes a Disney Cruise! We were bit by the Disney cruise bug and booked our September cruise while on board.
So, although we head home tomorrow, I return having lots to be thankful for and lots to look forward to!

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