Tuesday, 4 December 2012

WDW: Short & Sweet-Is it worth it?

As I'm sitting here blogging instead of packing for my upcoming WDW vacation, I'm also asking myself, is it worth it?

We are heading to the World for three nights, four days. I'm beyond excited at the prospect of any WDW trip, but I have to admit, I'm a little afraid of coming home after only three nights. Will the short duration be enough to give me my Disney fix or will I come home wanting more?

Well, who am I kidding? Even after our two week WDW trip, I came home wanting more. I don't think we, as extreme Disney fans, will ever come home from a WDW truly satisfied. There will always be things we wish we could have done, but didn't get to, or things that we just wanted to do more of.

But, I know that, while it will be a short visit, this trip still has enormous potential. We were in WDW this past August for four nights, and it ranks as one of our favourite trips! Despite the limited number of days, we made the most of each and every one! Not only did we go into the parks each day, but we took time to swim at our resort, visit Downtown Disney and visit with different family members who were also visiting the Orlando area.

So, I pose this to you... If you could take a weekend trip to WDW or none at all, what would you choose?

Some photos of our four-night August trip:

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  1. 4 day trips are my favorite! You get to do and see a TON, but you're not there long enough to get truly overtired!